Maintaining Your Image

When your sign is broken, your image can fall to pieces. If your sign is not lighting properly, your customers are left in the dark. Bottom Line: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. At Kieffer, we are your one stop shop for all of your sign service and maintenance needs.

  • Nation Wide Network of Qualified, Bonded and Insured Partners
  • If your sign is covered under Kieffer warranty, we fix it for free
  • Sign component serial number tracking system
  • Kieffer will provide access to emergency contacts 24/7 for property or life threatening emergencies.

Customer Benefits

  • Scheduled customer reporting based on preference (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • 48-72 hour response time on most service calls.
  • Cost you can afford.

Kieffer’s Service Department has experienced tremendous growth in recent years as we continue to be successful in exceeding expectations.  Our service department is your one stop shop for all sign service and maintenance needs nationwide. The current systems set in place allow Kieffer to be a successful service provider when working with a large volume of service orders from our expanding clientele of service customers.

Our service department has the capabilities required to perform a large range of different service requests, whether it be servicing hi-rise building signage in the city or performing maintenance on small directional signs on your local corporate campus. Our service department has an extensive network of sign technicians across the country with the equipment needed to accommodate any of your sign service and maintenance needs.

Please complete our “Request Sign Service & Maintenance” form today to get more info and obtain a quote for your sign service needs.

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