Kieffer’s Service department has the extensive knowledge and experience required when executing national sign retrofit programs for the largest corporations nationwide.  From the consultation phase all the way to project completion, Kieffer has a proven track record of success in completing national retrofit programs that involve completing several hundred store locations in a short time frame.

In today’s day and age the ever growing need to be cost and energy efficient is a trend in business that is here to stay. It’s not a matter of if, it’s simply when; in regards to the growing trend of retrofitting existing signage from Neon illumination to modern LED technology. The fact is, it’s an investment into your business that will help pay for itself over time.

Kieffer is equipped, experienced, and ready to assist you and your business take the step towards a more cost efficient and environmentally conscious business plan through the use of energy efficient LED illumination technology in your signage. Click on the “Request Sign Service & Maintenance” tab to request a quote to retrofit your sign and begin your commitment to an eco-friendly and cost efficient method of illuminating your brand, leading your company to a brighter future.