Fewer LEDs, More Flexibility, and More Sales for Kieffer & Co.

Today’s brand owners demand best-in-class performance, but many of them also have ambitious sustainability goals. For graphics professionals, there’s one solution that delivers both: 3M™ Envision™ Translucent and Diffuser Films.

Jeff Fuhrmann, vice president of manufacturing at Kieffer & Co., Inc., in Sheboygan, Wis., recently spoke about how 3M Envision translucent and diffuser films are helping his national sign company demonstrate its environmental credentials and win new business. Fuhrmann explained that new customers today are looking for national sign company manufacturers’ energy efficiency qualifications very early in the sales cycle.

“In the Request For Information (RFI) portion, when we’re selling signs, we see a lot of questions like, ‘What’s your company doing to be more green?’ and, ‘How energy efficient are your signs?’” Furhmann said. “Once we get past that point in the sale and we’re established with a customer, then they rely on us that we’re doing the things we said we would upon making that sale.”

Delivering on Sustainability Promises

Fuhrmann and his team have discovered that 3M Envision translucent and diffuser films are a reliable choice for helping them deliver on their promises to customers. As the first-ever graphic films specifically designed to optimize LED illuminated signs, these new films help Kieffer & Co. create bright and vibrant signs that make a great impact for customers.

“What interested me,” Fuhrmann said, “was the film’s ability to do exactly what it’s designed to do – diffuse the light better and more evenly, with the opportunity of saving some dollars by reducing the amount of LEDs. That’s what really caught our interest.”

A National Sign Company that is Embracing LEDs

As a national sign company manufacturer, Kieffer & Co. is well positioned to observe and participate in the LED revolution, and Fuhrmann states that these new films are giving the company even greater capabilities. “Channel letters are evolving right now,” he said. “We just did some prototyping on a low profile letter using 3M Envision film and some new LED technology. We’re now able to create more unique designs that we were never able to do with neon lighting.”

How much does Kieffer & Co. believe in the new 3M Envision translucent and diffuser films? “We just refurbished the sign on our own building using LEDs and 3M Envision film,” said Fuhrmann. “It looks fantastic, and we’re tracking about a 60 percent reduction in energy use.”

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