Build a Consistent Image

Branding and consistency is an important marketing strategy that crosses all platforms. If your website, printed materials and sign do not correlate, your business may be less recognizable to your customers. When you work with Kieffer & Co., Inc., you will be working with a national sign company that provides high quality, cost effective signage that has helped many clients create a sign that looks good and is a consistent fit with your brands image.

National Sign Identity Solutions

Deciding just how to design and create a national sign that is identifiable, but unique, is part of what we do best. Our national sign consulting and manufacturing services are geared towards getting your business where it needs to be with the right sign to represent you. The team at Kieffer & Co., Inc. remains on top of the latest technology – machinery, programs, and techniques, to help provide our customers with an appropriate sign solution that places their brand at the forefront of the public’s mind.

National Sign Consulting

Kieffer is happy to offer national sign consulting services that approach the problem from all angles. Our primary goal is to create a sign that looks great and matches the image you want to represent. As we work with you to create a national sign identity solution, we will need to understand what your branding and marketing strategies are. We will review any materials that you provide to us that are most relevant to your latest marketing and advertising strategies as well as what your company’s long term goals are. At Kieffer & Co., Inc., you receive the focused power of a company that has successfully given clients an identity solution that becomes iconic over time.

If you require cost effective signage that makes a statement, contact one of our sign consultants today about our national sign services and manufacturing.