Industry Leaders for Over 50 Years

Since 1959, Kieffer|Starlite has provided a quality, full-service sign manufacturing process, providing the results that our clients want and expect. We have created a variety of signage for local, regional and national business alike. In fact, some of the most recognizable national signs have been designed and manufactured by Kieffer|Starlite.

Kieffer|Starlite is a national sign company with a history of success and a team of design and engineering professionals. Experience pays off in this business, and we have tested a variety of different styles and technologies; ensuring that each and every customer is satisfied with the work being performed.

We welcome you to visit our facilities; you will be glad you did. Give us an opportunity, and we will give you several reasons to make Kieffer|Starlite your one stop shop for all your site identification needs. Contact us to schedule a visit to our 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility or our 27,000 square foot sales office.

Our Facilities

Make it Right: Kieffer & Co., Inc. Signs

In the digital age we have entered, businesses are investing a lot of time, energy and resources into their online presence. If your company’s website is the face of your business online, then the sign on your building is an indicator of the personality and attitude of your business in the real world.

National sign companies work hard to find what the standards are for different industries, markets and as local as a neighborhood. A national sign company like Kieffer & Co., Inc. will also have access to the very best technologies for making the right kind of sign for your business.